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Program Overview

DSA football program overview:

  • Available for all ages from as young as 3 years old
  • Available for all ability levels
  • Experienced and qualified coaches (UEFA/HKFA) from around the world with years of knowledge and training methods
  • Training curriculum catered for age groups and ability levels
  • Technical skills focused training
  • Foundation motor skills exercises for 3-5 years old classes
  • Family, fun and safe environment where all students can develop and learn

DSA Football Programs Locations

Regular and Free Tryout Training Venues

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Football Programs

DSA provides Regular, Elite programs and Private Training Classes.

Dream Sport Academy football program caters for all abilities and levels. Our goal is to inspire and develop every single child that takes part in our program with the help of our experienced and qualified coaches. The program is separated into five different age groups:

  • 4-5 Y/O (HIS101)
  • 6-7 Y/O (HIS102)
  • 8-10 Y/O (HIS103)
  • 11-13+ Y/O (HIS104)

In these classes, you will find our training methods consist of fundamental body mechanic and technical skill training. It is very important to DSA that all children are being taught the same concept as they move up the age groups/classes.

Our programs focuses on both skills development as well as how to use these skills in games.

DSA Regular Program
Held every Saturdays at 5 different venues ( Australian International School, Discovery Bay International School, Singapore International School, Renaissance College and Harrow International School) with over 25 classes that mostly focuses on skill development of children from age 5 to 20.

DSA in Schools
This program links us to multiple schools as they allow us to run both their developmental classes as well as coach and train their school teams for school tournaments. In this regards, we do work with more than 12 schools (both International and locals).

DSA Private Training Classes
Dream Sports Academy is now offering private classes to all DSA students and non-DSA students. We can offer our Coaches services for a training session minimum 1 and with a maximum of 3 students per session.



We are a competitive sport club - with our athletes competing at all levels from local team galas.


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