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Program Overview

DSA will help develop and support your school sports culture by providing:

  • Developmental classes for student of all ages and ability
  • Well experienced ex and current professional players and certified coaches
  • Basketball School teams training and coaching for all ages for better results in school leagues and competitions
  • Create interest in sports most specifically basketball through curriculums specific to different age groups and ability
  • Reinforce the school moral code of conduct by teaching and enforcing moral values during classes
  • Create a safe, fun and inclusive learning environment for all students

Basketball Programs Locations

Australian International School

Christian Alliance International School

Singapore International School Hong Kong

Discovery Bay International School

Basketball Programs

DSA provides Regular and Elite Basketball programs as well as Youth Basketball League.

Dream Sport Academy Basketball program has been nurturing and developing children and young adults for almost a decade now. Our program focuses on both skills development as well as how to use these skills in games. The program is divided into several micro-programs as listed below:

DSA Regular Program
Held every Saturdays at 5 different venues ( Australian International School, Discovery Bay International School, Singapore International School, Renaissance College and Harrow International School) with over 25 classes that mostly focuses on skill development of children from age 5 to 20.

Elite Team Program
Our Elite program focuses more on giving game experience to selected students in our regular program in the U10, U12, U14, U15 Girls, U16 and U18 divisions with advanced basketball skills and game knowledge. The program is catered around weekly advanced and intense training as well as participation in local and overseas leagues, tournaments and training camps.

DSA in Schools
This program links us to multiple schools as they allow us to run both their developmental classes as well as coach and train their school teams for school tournaments. In this regards, we do work with more than 12 schools ( both International and locals).

DSA Youth Basketball League (DSAYBL)
The DSAYBL is our latest addition and started in the first trimester of the year 2019. The league presents all our elite team players a great opportunity to display their skills and knowledge of the game that they acquire during both regular and elite training. Our Basketball program focuses on developing young basketball players but most importantly build and prepare our students to be respectable, responsible and ambitious individuals as they will grow to be pillars in our future societies.



We are a competitive sport club - with our athletes competing at all levels from local team galas.


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