About Dream Sport Academy

Dream Sport Academy (DSA) is a group of ex-professional sports players who decided to come together for a good cause and give back to the community the skills they learnt over the years. DSA is also one of the fastest growing sports academies in Hong Kong, with dynamic innovation and passion. We provide exciting, intensive and professional training and sports experiences throughout the community. Our services include Basketball, Football, Badminton, Swimming, Tennis and Rugby, all taught by experienced and professional coaches.

The aim of this academy is to correct and modify the methods of training which have been provided to the community for the past decade. With these ex-profsessional players, each area or sports category will be well developed. Students will be trained according to their skill level and needs, which means a proper evaluation will take place and an appropriate training arrangement will be designed for them based on their evaluation results.

With DSA, we can guarantee the success of our students, as opportunities will be given to them throughout the year to test their skill level and progress. They will be invited to join in our special sports camp, as well as, our many competitions, both internal & external.

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